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Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly – Nature Based

The Shores Holiday Apartments offers eco friendly accommodation Mackay. Furthermore we have a green tick of approval from ECO Tourism Australia. We are ECO Certified. Our guests experience is healthy, clean, green and sustainable. Its also close to nature with the beachfront location.

Local Wildlife

Part of our responsibility is to inform and educate guests on local wildlife. Guests see a large variety of native animals around the gorunds and beach reserve. Some call it home all year round while other animals and birds visit at different times of the year.

Often guests spot goannas lazing about enjoying the sunshine. This includes The Shore’s goannas Wiggy, Ziggy and friends. They also love digging up the garden beds and getting into mischief. With The Shores Bee Apartment guests can now observe native stingless bees going about their daily tasks.

Flatback Turtles lay their eggs on Blacks Beach between October and January. As a result the turtles hatchlings emerge between December and the end of March. Only a lucky few get to see them hatching. An awesome sight! In fact Flatback turtles are endangered are protected

Between June and November Humpback Whales migrate along the east coast of Australia. They play in waters off Mackay and Blacks Beach from July to September. Sometimes guests see them from the The Shore’s viewing platform.

Native birds and migratory shore birds visit The Shores Holiday Apartments. They include the tiny Sunbird, Tawny Frogmouth, and Australia’s favorite Kookaburra. We also see Plovers, Curlews, and Red Tail Black Cockatoos’. The migratory shorebirds and waders are on Blacks Beach near the spit during summer.

Local Flora

Similarily, lush, green tropical species surround the property. Most are endemic to our area. They include many unusual and colorful flowering plants. As expected there are also Traditional palm trees. Consequently every season the unique beauty of the flora changes.

Energy Savings

We are always looking at ways to improve our environment. Some units have solar panels to reduce energy consumption. The windows and sliding doors in the office have solar tinting. Likewise most units and the office have insulation in the ceilings.


Our commitment to minimizing waste generation means we reduce, reuse, and recycle products. Green waste gets removed through a green waste collection service. Bins with yellow lid are for the disposal of recyclable items.

Canvas bags are used for the Containers for Change recycling program. Proceeds from this scheme go to Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association. The funds to protect and educate people about the endangered Flatback turtles.

Foreshore Management

Mackay Regional Council manages the Blacks Beach Local Coastal Plan 2017. This plan includes our foreshore area. As a result we work with Council to co-manage this area. Consequently Council provides educational signage at our beachfront.


Most importantly we want guests to understand how we act in a sustainable manner. And what we do to protect our beachfront environment. In fact our aim is to show that tourism and Eco friendly choices work in harmony.

Bee Apartment

Beach Curlews

Flatback Turtle Nesting

Flatback Turtles Hatching

Wiggy the Goanna

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Whales at play off Blacks Beach

A Plover protecting its nest of eggs

Sunbird sitting on eggs

Kookaburra popping in to say hello.

The Shores Holiday Apartments ECO Certification

Beachfront Educational Signage